Every week we look for interesting stories from cats and their owners. This week we spoke to Lisanne, from Nijmegen in The Netherlands. Lisanne is devoted to the British Shorthair breed. Her parents have owned their own Cattery since she was 4 years old, so you could say that the love for cats is in her blood. Since 2021, Lisanne has had her own cattery, with which she recently had her first litter!

From childhood onwards

At Lisanne's home, you won't only see British Shorthairs, she also took in two Ragdolls via a rehoming website. The two Ragdolls, Mikey and Tyson, are brothers and have a special bond, they are a real duo. As are the other pair, British Shorthairs Tony and Mango. They were both bred at her father's cattery, and of course Lisanne visited there a little more often than regularly when they were born to bond with the kittens before they came to live with her.

By now, Lisanne naturally knew more and more about the work involved in running her own cattery and how wonderful it can be to experience pregnancy and birth up close. Therefore, in 2021, she decided to realise her dream and also register as an official British Shorthair cattery Say My Name. By selectively breeding with healthy, beautiful bloodlines, she tries to contribute to the improvement of this beautiful breed. And in the meantime, she gets to enjoy the kittens from start to finish.

The first litter

Mango, the beautiful tricoloured British Shor hair had her first litter on 7 July '22! For Lisanne, this is the first litter within her own cattery. And what a litter it is! Such cute faces... Well done Mango! It didn’t went as easy, as Lisanne had to feed the kittens manually for the first few weeks to raise them. Because Mango had minimal milk production, this was not enough to feed all the kittens sufficiently. So with a feeding schedule that went on 24/7, Lisanne was constantly working on this. 

The kittens grow up in the living room of Lisanne. This way, the kittens are well socialised and used to all domestic sounds and activities. Because they grow up among Lisanne's other pets, they become affectionate, curious and, above all, sweet British Shorthair cats.

Leaving the litter

When the kittens are 13 weeks old, they may move to their new personnel! That will be in the first week of October already. Lisanne has a good connection with all the new owners, they are very involved and of course they are very much looking forward to the arrival of their kittens!

Lisanne will not keep a kitten from this litter herself, but she does hope to keep a nice girl from next year's litter. We will continue to follow Lisanne and her cattery, and wish all kittens a happy new home with their new owners!

A lot of time and love has been put into it, but the kittens are doing great!


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