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How to train cats not to scratch furniture: Furniture protection tips

How to train cats not to scratch furniture: Furniture protection tips

Cats make great pets, but their natural urge to scratch can sometimes be a nightmare for your furniture. But don't worry! In this blog, we will give you some handy tips on how to teach your cat not to scratch your furniture, and at the same time protect your furniture.
Who is veterinarian Karlijn?

The veterinarian in this blog is Karlijn van Bladel, 27 years old and living in Den Bosch. Karlijn is a companion veterinarian at DCO in Oisterwijk and previously worked at the animal hospital in Waalwijk. Karlijn has been working as a veterinarian for a total of two years now and it is still her dream job.

Since she was little Karlijn has been involved with animals. She grew up with her horse Surprise and later her cat Lilly, a beautiful Ragdoll, joined her. It was always her biggest dream to become a veterinarian.

It has always been my biggest dream to become a veterinarian. It still is!

Why do cats need a scratching post?

Karlijn explains that cats have several reasons why they scratch. These reasons are explained below.

  • Rubbing the nail along solid material causes the worn outer layer of the nail to come off and the underlying, sharp nail to appear
  • Cats train the muscles of the front legs by scratching
  • Cats scratch to mark their territory. Scratching is used as part of communication. The cat thereby marks its habitat. Between the soles of the feet are glands that deposit a unique scent after scratching
  • Cats can also start scratching when they experience tension. Then scratching is a way to relieve stress

    Did you know that the favorite scratching post of Lilly, Karlijn's cat, is the Maine Coon Lounge Blackline Dark Gray? You can shop this one here!

    For Karlijn, a number of factors played a big role in picking a scratching post for Lilly. Quality, high seating and sleeping and a scratching post that doesn't take up too much space. This scratching post is perfect for Lilly!
What do cats need for a pleasant indoor and outdoor living environment?

Cats prefer stone or ceramic feeders so they can't eat bits of plastic. Of course, you don't want this for your best friend either.

In addition to this, cats look for a place where they can hide, such as under the couch, a basket or a box. In addition to a hiding place, cats like to have an overview, which is why they prefer to sit high up. RHR Pets' scratching posts are therefore perfect and provide an optimal place for cats to keep an eye on their surroundings.

And who doesn't want a clean and large place to do their needs? Provide cats with a litter box and they are happy.

Last but not least, the cat toys! After all, cats love companionship and what could be more fun than playing with your favorite friend?

Important for your cat? The cat toys! What could be more fun than playing with your favorite feline friend?

We asked Karlijn if peculiarities, diseases and accidents also occur in cats and if there are ways to avoid them

Many different diseases and accidents unfortunately occur in cats. These include urinary problems, gastrointestinal problems, and trauma incurred from fighting or being hit.

As a hooman, what can you do to give your furry friend the best care?

  • Vaccinate every year
  • 1 deworming every 3 months
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • To prevent trauma, it is best to keep your cat indoors. However, this depends on your kind of cat
Lady Lilly

When Lilly entered the showroom at RHR Pets we immediately noticed how beautifully clean and white she is. Because of this, as a final question, we asked Karlijn how she keeps Lilly so beautiful.

The answer? Lilly is well combed and stays inside with Karlijn. The results are definitely there.

We loved having Lilly and Karlijn there! Did you also like the blog?

See you next time!

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