When a cat is introduced to a new environment, such as a new home or a significant change within their current home, it can cause stress and anxiety. Cats are creatures of habit, and changes to their familiar surroundings can be distressing. They need time to explore, get comfortable, and claim their new territory.

Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to help your cat adjust to a new environment.

How can I help my cat adjust to a new environment?

Here are 5 ways to halp your cat adjust to a new environment:

  1. Maintain Familiar Routines: Try to keep feeding times, playtimes, and other routines consistent. This familiarity can provide comfort during the transition.
  2. Find a quiet, safe space in the new environment where your cat can retreat if they feel overwhelmed. This could be a spare room or a corner with their favourite blanket and toys.
  3. Introduce New Spaces Gradually: Don't rush your cat to explore the entire new space at once. Allow them to take their time to investigate each room one at a time.
  4. Comforting Scents: Using products like synthetic feline pheromones can help make a new environment feel more familiar and comforting to your cat.
  5. Patience and Love: Above all, give your cat plenty of love and patience. Understand that
    it may take some time for them to adjust, and that's okay.

Plenty of ways to support your cat, but maintaining familiar routines and providing a safe space are really the basics. It's very important to monitor your cat's behaviour and health regularly.

As Lily's caregiver and friend, I made sure she got well through this drastic change


Lily is adapting well to our new home now. She still seems a bit cautious now and then, but that's improving day by day. We bought the Royal Cat Palace since we have the space for it but decided to keep her Corner Coon for the first few months so she had something she trusted. It has become her favourite spot in the new house. Now we were ready to switch to the Royal Cat Palace and she got used to it very quickly. Some say it’s to big but it's also quite an eye-catcher.

Everyone who comes to visit us asks where we got this very luxurious cat tree from. We are very satisfied with it and are now considering buying another model for the second floor. This way, Lily will have her comfortable spot higher up as well​.

How can I help my cat adjust to the new RHRQuality cat tree?

Cats are naturally curious creatures, always ready to explore their surroundings and eager to claim new territories as their own. However, even the most adventurous feline can be a bit hesitant when it comes to accepting a new piece of furniture in their domain, such as the RHRQuality cat tree. This majestic tower of comfort and fun, while designed with a cat's needs in mind, might initially be met with a bit of suspicion or even outright avoidance. But fear not! This is a common scenario and there are several strategies to help your cat embrace their new RHRQuality cat tree.

First, it's important to understand that a cat tree is not just a piece of furniture. For our furry friends, it's a territory, a lookout point, a scratching post, and a place for rest and play. It's a part of their world and it's essential for it to feel safe, familiar, and interesting.

When we introduce a new cat tree into their environment, it's only natural for a cat to feel a bit uneasy. The tree is a new element in their territory, it smells different, it looks unfamiliar, and your cat might not immediately understand how to use it. But with the right approach, you can help them overcome these initial doubts and make their RHRQuality cat tree their new favorite spot.

So, how can you help your cat adjust to their new RHRQuality cat tree? There are several strategies you can use, ranging from choosing the right location for the tree, to picking a tree that suits your cat's preferences, and using positive techniques like treats, toys, and interaction. Let's look deeper into these methods...

How to help

  1. Location is key: Cats tend to prefer certain areas in the house. If you place the tree in an area they hardly visit, that could be preventing them from enjoying their new tree. Cats are observant and typically want to frequent the areas where the rest of the family is active. However, if your cat likes to hide and keep away from the foot traffic in the house, try placing the tree in one of their most-frequented rooms or comfortable areas within the home. Most cats love windows, so placing the cat tree near a window can also be a good idea​.

  2. Choose the right cat tree: The tree you choose should fit your cat's preferences and needs. For example, if you have multiple cats in the home, you may need a larger tree or more than one tree. The tree should also fit your cat's scratching and height preferences. Some cats enjoy perching up high while others prefer staying lower to the ground. Also, keep in mind your cat's activity level. Highly active cats may enjoy a tree with toys, ramps, ladders, scratchers, and more. If your cat is less active, you may want to opt for a tree that is more geared toward comfort and lounging. The cat's age and health status should also be taken into account. Young kittens or older cats with mobility issues may do better with a tree that is lower to the ground and easier to access​.

  3. Use treats, toys, or catnip: These can make the cat tree more welcoming. You can leave a trail of treats up to the tree, choose to feed them a tasty meal on it, or even engage in play while incorporating the tree. Catnip is also a very enticing option that may give the cat tree a good first impression​.

  4. Interact with them on the tree: Positive association is key when it comes to cats. Take time out to place your cat on the tree and provide them with pets, love, and affection. If you have a playful cat, grab the toys, and get them engaged in some fun playtime. You can even use a laser pointer and have them chase it all over the tree​.

If Lily is happy, then i am happy!


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