Carla, who works in healthcare, has a great passion for helping animals in addition to her daily commitment to others. Together with her husband, infant son Owen, dog Lana and cat Loena, she welcomes cats and kittens from the shelter into her home. Her love for animals is contagious, and it is heartwarming to see the whole family's commitment to these vulnerable creatures.

Today in Tales and Tails: Guest family for cats

In a world where animal lovers want to make a difference in the lives of homeless cats and kittens, there are people like Carla, who provide a warm home for these fluffy creatures in need. In the feature "Tales & Tails," we take an in-depth look into the life of Carla, a dedicated host parent for cats and kittens, and discover how she welcomes these beautiful creatures into her home with open arms.

What Does Being a Host Family Mean?
Carla explains that her role as a host family involves helping the shelter take in kittens and sometimes adult cats who need extra attention and care. She provides a home where these animals can grow up loving. "In fact, I can keep a close eye on the kittens for many hours a day, which is very important, especially when they are still young. They need to be socialized in a home environment and get used to living in a family," Carla said.

The Joy of Being a Host Family
Carla thoroughly enjoys her role as a host family. She attests to how wonderful it is to watch the kittens develop and develop their own personalities. "It's great to know that these kittens have been 'rescued' and will soon find loving homes," she says with a smile.

The difficult aspects of being a host family
Although the work of a host family is mostly joyful, there are also challenges. Carla shares her concerns about the reason behind the need for host families. "It is heartbreaking that so many cats and kittens are dumped on the streets. Animals, like humans, belong in a safe and warm environment to grow up in," she stresses. She also finds it difficult to see how some kittens arrive at the shelter weakened, and she always worries if they will make it.

A Day in the Life of a Host Family
Carla's days are often busy and hectic. In addition to her work in healthcare, she greets the kittens as soon as she gets home. The living room then turns into a play paradise for these playful creatures. She feeds them, lets them out of the crate to play, and makes sure they can rest back in their safe place in time. The kittens' daily schedule revolves around eating, sleeping and playing, and Carla makes sure they are closely monitored. They are weighed regularly to monitor their development. Vet visits are also on the agenda to make sure the kittens are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.

How Many Kittens Does Carla Currently Catch?
Carla currently has as many as 15 animals in her home, two of which are her own. She cares for a mother cat with her three little ones, a litter of four kittens without a mother, and another mother cat with four kittens in her son's playroom. It's cramped and crowded, but Carla has found ways to care for them.

Kitten Season

This year has been busier than ever, according to Carla. She took in more kittens and mother cats found on the streets than in previous years. Kitten season is a challenging time when the number of cats and kittens found increases dramatically.

In a world full of hustle and bustle, Carla's home is a haven for cats, where they receive the love and care they so desperately need.


How Do Kittens End Up in a Homestay?
May begins the so-called "kitten rush," in which animal shelters set up special cages to catch cats and kittens. Pregnant cats that end up at the shelter give birth there, and tame cats hopefully find new homes. Feral cats are spayed and returned to the wild. The biggest problem, however, is the number of dumped cats and kittens, because people are sometimes unaware of the responsibility that comes with having pets.

How to Prevent the Problem of Homeless Cats
Carla stresses the importance of taking responsibility for pets. She advocates timely spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted litters. In addition, trapping times for feral cats are very important to control their population.

Carla's Family Support

While Carla's husband is not a big cat lover, he appreciates the joy Carla derives from her work. Her little son Owen, on the other hand, is a true animal lover and enthusiastically helps out. Loena, Carla's cat, does have to get used to the presence of strange cats, but as long as they are left alone, she tolerates them. Lana, the dog, seems fine with everything, even if she is occasionally pushed off her cushion.

Adoption and Forever Home
When the kittens are old enough to find their "forever home," Carla assesses potential adopters to make sure they are suitable. She notes that she can usually tell pretty quickly if someone is the right match for a cat or kitten.

Carla's dedication and passion for helping cats and kittens are inspiring. She, along with many other host families, play a crucial role in giving these animals a second chance and a loving home. It is a great example of how ordinary people can make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

Help Cats and Kittens Find a New Start!
If you have been inspired by Carla's story and are considering doing your part to help the welfare of cats in your area, please know that there is always a need for host families. Animal shelters in your area gladly welcome new host parents to provide loving homes for cats and kittens. You can contact the shelter to inquire about opportunities to become a host family and participate in this wonderful work.

And if you are looking for a new roommate in the form of a cat or kitten, don't forget to take a look at the shelters in your area. There you can meet countless furry friends waiting for a forever home. Together we can contribute to a nicer world for cats, one foster home and one adoption at a time.

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