Adventurous children

When Chelsea first saw her Maine Coon Fig, it was immediately love at first sight. "We picked her up on a boat and the first thing she did was put her paws on my jaws and give me kisses! The whole trip home she kept hugging me," says Chelsea. Scout was also very happy when he met his new family for the first time. "There was a lot of roaring involved. He has the loudest engine," she says, laughing.

We take our cats with us on our walks in the mountains and on the beach


Cat-friendly travel

Fig and Scout are brought up in an adventurous family, the family loves going out. "Since we took them in, we always bring them on our outings. The kids love it, so do my partner and I... And the cats love it too! We visit different beaches, mountains ... I even take them in a pram during my daily jog."

Wondering how Chelsea takes her cats with her while jogging? Check out the video here!

As you can see on their Instagram, the cats are as adventurous as their owners. The family also regularly travels to cat-friendly accommodations! Sounds perfect if you've always wanted to take your cat on a trip. "We have travelled quite a bit and we have stayed in many places, but that became more difficult since we had Fig and Scout. Fortunately, we noticed that a lot of hotels welcome cats anyway. It's so nice to take them with us!", Chelsea explains.

You can follow all about their travels and cats via their Instagram account!

Genetic mutation

Is there anything cuter than a pair of cat paws? Not really, no. Fig, Chelsea's oldest cat, was born with a pair of extra toes. "Fig is polydactyl, she has mittens," Chelsea explains. To be honest, the extra pair of toes only adds to the cuteness.

Polydactyly is a genetic mutation common in Maine Coons. The breed used to live in snowy conditions, so they have large, insulated paws that look like small, built-in snow boots.

Cats with gauntlets are born with extra toes in the middle of the paw, making the paw look like a glove.

Not only is it cute, there are also some advantages to it. The extra pair of toes facilitates hunting and balancing on different surfaces. What big and wide paws can't do...

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