Hairballs in a cat are of course annoying for your cat, but fortunately it is usually not dangerous.
In some cases, it can cause constipation. First of all, it is important to know:

What are hairballs and how do they occur?

Hairballs are accumulations of hair that can form in a cat's stomach when they groom themselves by licking their fur.
Cats swallow loose hair while licking, which can then accumulate in the stomach
and eventually be regurgitated/relieved as hairballs.

Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to prevent hairballs in your cat.

As Simba's caregiver and friend, I took this topic as an opportunity to address this problem in Simba.


Recently, Simba was dealing with a common problem in cats: hairballs. As Simba's caregiver and friend, I took this
topic as an opportunity to address this problem in Simba.
Below I share some frequently asked questions and answers about hairballs in cats.

How can I prevent hairballs in my cat?

There are several ways to help prevent hairballs in cats:

Regular brushing: Brushing your cat regularly removes loose hair and reduces the amount of hair your cat swallows
while grooming.

(Tip from Emma): Does your cat find it scary? Try gently brushing his head with a clean toothbrush, once he gets used
to this you can move on to the back, build it up slowly and let your cat get used to it.

Nutrition: Special cat foods and hairball control products can help reduce the formation of hairballs.
If your cat has a severely reduced appetite or continues to vomit without results, take your cat
to the vet to prevent complications.

Hydration: Make sure your cat always has access to fresh water, as proper hydration can help dispose of ingested hair
through the digestive tract. Hairball paste also makes it easier for the cat to relieve the hairball.

Plenty of ways to support your cat, but good brushing and enough hydration is really the basics.
It's very important to check your cat's health regularly and always go to the vet when in doubt.

Simba is doing much better now, he still suffers a little sporadically but that is almost gone now.
We bought the Villa de Luxe white, easy to clean, deliberately chosen white to make feces/hairballs stand out.
In addition, it is also a real eye-catcher, everyone who comes to visit us asks where we got this very nice house from.
We are very satisfied with it and now want to buy one in grey for outside. That way Simba will always be dry.

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