Anno 2022, catfluencer is a household word. Everyone has probably heard of an influencer, a person who has many followers on social media and is therefore even a well-known person. This influencer acts as a role model for a certain target group and may also influence choices of his or her followers with this.

We at RHR Pets, and you probably too, are much more keen on a Catfluencer! Because what could be more fun than all those cute cat pictures you see on your phone while scrolling through your social media channels when sitting on your couch in the evening? So Cola the Cat is the one you want to follow! Click here for his Instagram page.

How it all started

Cola actually came as a playmate for Marit's other cat, named Monster. Unfortunately, they didn't end up becoming the best of friends, but with 2 more dogs at home, everything goes just fine together. Marit always liked taking photos, and when she saw a cat on Instagram that looked like her Cola, she thought "maybe other people will like Cola too" she explains. So in 2016, Marit decided to create an Instagram account for Cola. Not knowing she would gain so many followers, now over 128.000! Cola naturally has the looks of a real Instagram model, with his beautiful dark brown coat and cool appearance. But that's not why Marit had chosen Cola, she also had no preference for a particular breed and after seeing several litters, she had an instant click with Cola in particular!

Growing account

Many of Cola's followers also feel that click. Cola's photos and videos get a lot of reactions and a lot of likes. As a result, Cola's account is becoming increasingly well-known and the number of followers keeps growing.

Marit noticed huge growth a few years ago, a picture of Cola was posted by "Cats of Instagram", gaining her thousands of followers within hours! That was with the picture below, and seeing this picture makes you want to follow Cola too, right?

For Marit, it's a fun activity, she doesn't spend a lot of time on it every day and she does it mainly for fun. But it certainly has beneficial side effects. Thanks to Cola's account, Marit has met some nice people through social media. "Besides, it's nice to earn a little extra money now and then and get nice things for the cats" she appoints. She therefore hopes to continue doing this for a long time to come, and to continue providing her followers with fun content.

Do's & Don'ts

According to Marit, the best DO when you want to create an account for your cat is: Enjoy your cat! If you enjoy taking photos and your cat enjoys being photographed, that's the most important thing.

When I grab the camera, Cola already starts meowing


Cola really enjoys being photographed, because it means attention and treats! He also has many different facial expressions, which Marit then manages to capture beautifully. As if he is really going to pose for it. Marit uses a Canon camera for this, or sometimes just her phone. As long as the photo is clear and of good quality. She then edits the photo with the Lightroom app, making small adjustments such as changing the light or shade so that the photo stands just a bit more.

According to Marit, you don't necessarily have to show something unique. "Cola is just an ordinary cat who doesn't really do anything crazy or special," she says. She does advise you to be active online on a daily basis, that way you keep the number of followers too. If you pay enough attention, the number of followers will grow automatically. But above all, it should remain fun and not be about the number of followers. An absolute DON'T, therefore, is that you should not start your account with the intention of becoming a catfluencer.

Fun fact, did you know that RHR Pets is also active on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok en Youtube? Globally, we have more than 400,000

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