Every week we look for interesting stories of cats and their owners. This week we spoke to Merel and Arie from Wernhout, the Netherlands. Together they have two cats and a dog and we at RHR Pets liked this combination so much that we wanted to share it with our readers! This Christmas special will no doubt make you happy, so read on quickly about this beautiful combination.

A walk in the park

Merel knows that dogs and cats can live together just fine; as she has had a dog at the same time as several cats all her life. So Storm, the 12-year-old Cypress cat was also already used to dogs, as Merel's parents have a dog that Storm is already buddies with. So when the couple decided to add a dog, they did not expect any mischief between the two. And so it happened, although a busy puppy was sometimes a bit too much for Storm, he did keep him at bay from time to time and definitely did not let him be chased away.

Merel and Arie had studied carefully which breed they thought would suit them best, and in terms of character and appearance they absolutely love Indy, the Saarlooswolfdog of just one year old!

Since Indy has been with Merel and Arie, they of course walk outside a lot and Storm gets to join them. One day, during a walk in the park near a dump, a small kitten of about 8 weeks came running towards them, meowing loudly. "The little kitten was totally unimpressed by such a big Saarlooswolfdog" Merel tells us. Since then, Poppy, the black European shorthair, hasn't been away from Indy!

The big boss

When we ask Merel who the big boss in the house is, it turns out he's not that big at all. "Storm is clearly the boss of Indy, Indy tries to boss Poppy and Poppy... Well, she bosses the whole house, including us", Merel tells us.

Since Poppy and Indy are both still young, they seek each other out all day. "They constantly chase each other, romp a lot, and like to terrorise the whole house if they get the chance" says Merel about little Poppy and big Indy. "When they take a moment to rest after all that playing and being wild, they prefer to do it together on the sofa" she continues. Where Indy is, there is Poppy and vice versa. Merel had never dared to dream that they would match so well.

Buddies through thick and thin

Just because Storm sometimes prefers to keep his distance doesn't mean he doesn't involves himself. In fact, he prefers to eat together with Poppy, and during Indy's walks he goes along too. During one of these walks, Indy was attacked by a smaller dog, but Storm did not let this happen and scared him off right away! Sometime afterwards, Indy jumped in front of Storm between two cats to calm a fight so Storm could walk home with him again peacefully. Merel is rightfully proud of her beautiful sweet animals!

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