We got in touch with Saso because he needed spare parts for his cat tree, which he has owned for eight years. Curious as we are, we immediately looked at his Instagram page listed at the bottom of his email. And then we saw not only wedding photos, but also beautiful pictures of his two cats. What else do you expect from a photographer?

My cats deserve to be beautifully photographed

Saso Novoselic

Special significance

The oldest is 8-year-old Neko, a cat with slightly lighter and longer hair. Inu is 6 years old, a cat with darker and shorter hair. These names were carefully chosen by Saso and his girlfriend, and have a special meaning. During their trip to Antarctica, Saso proposed to his girlfriend at Neko Harbour and they named their first cat after that. So it made sense to give their second cat a Japanese name too, and that became Inu. Inu means dog, and they gave this name because Chartreux cats are very similar to dogs in their behaviour!

Love at first sight

Saso had always been an animal lover, but when he saw a Chartreux cat at a cat show, he immediately fell in love with the breed. He then started looking for kittens, which turned out not to be an easy search. At the time, there were no breeders of this breed in Slovenia. After two years of waiting, they were able to get Neko from Serbia, with lots of love they gave Neko her new home in Slovenia.

Another two years later, they bought Inu from Italy. Again, Saso and his fiancée were in seventh heaven. However, they introduced the cats to each other slowly and let them get used to each other quietly, but now the cats are each other's best friends and like family to Saso.

Like all cats, also Saso’s cats have special character traits! In some ways they are even a bit like them, for instance he named Neko tender and shy like him. And Inu, on the other hand, slightly noisier and slightly sharper, like his fiancée. Except when Neko is sleeping, then she is the absolute loudest. Because then she snores enormously loudly, like a man.

Above all, the two cats love playing and cuddling immensely, 100% true love and...


Saso Novoselic

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