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Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)
Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)
Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)
Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)
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Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)

RHR Quality
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With its height of 85 cm and 15 cm thick sisal post, this beige-coloured scratch post Ragdoll Scratcher by RHRQuality is a super sturdy and compact cat tree by RHR Pets. Suitable for cats such as the Ragdoll, the Sacred Birman and Maine Coon. You buy this one at RHR Pets!

Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)

About the Product

The scratching post Ragdoll Scratcher by RHRQuality, is a scratching post with a 15 cm thick sisal pole which is a true play paradise for small to large cats. Not only suitable for the British Shorthair, Sacred Birman or Ragdoll for example, but certainly also for a large Maine Coon. With such a fun cat scratching post, your cat can expend its energy, and you won't lose so much space either.

This compact, stable and stylish scratching post has a compact design, which means you can offer your cat a super cute scratching furniture without spending a lot of space on it. Win - Win for you and your cat! The sisal post, measuring 15cm in diameter and about 80cm (!) high, has the sisal glued to the post itself. And because of this technique used by RHRQuality on the Ragdoll Scratcher scratching post, the sisal will not unroll.

The scratch post Ragdoll Scratcher a heavily weighted base plate of 50 x 50cm and is approx 4cm thick. This makes this scratching post enormously stable!

Keep your cat fit and healthy with this scratching post! After all, around the scratching post your cat has plenty of room to let off steam. Thanks to the sturdy 80cm-high sisal post, even the biggest cats can fully stretch and stretch, which is ergonomically important for your cat's joints.

As known from all RHR Pets scratching posts, you can reorder the sisal posts of this scratching post separately.

About RHR Quality Products

RHR Pets is the largest manufacturer and seller of scratching posts in Europe. All our products are designed and tested at our headquarters in the Netherlands and from there distributed to some 15 European countries.

Our customers are our best reference. With over 400,000 followers on social media and more than 30,000 online reviews, they make RHR Pets the reference for quality scratching posts in Europe.

Our high-quality scratching baskets and scratching posts are known for their excellent stability, durability and quality. The natural sisal rope on the posts is glued from top to bottom so it does not loosen or break, and all panels are covered with high-quality plush fabric (600g/m2). To ensure the stability of the scratching post, all fixing parts are made in the ultra-sturdy plastic ABS and we use a minimum screw size of M8 or M10 between the sisal posts everywhere.

What makes our scratching posts unique apart from their quality is that you can reorder parts separately at any time. At RHR Pets we have around 1,500 scratching posts and 15,000 spare parts in stock at any given time.


  • Colour: Cream
  • Height: 85cm
  • Complete dimensions: 85cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • Weighted base plate
  • Sisal pole with a diameter of 15cm (screw size M8)
  • Sisal rope is glued to the pole so it does not unwind
  • Weight: 10 KG
  • The model next to the sisal post is 1.60m long
  • This sisal pole can be reordered in our webshop

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Andrew Scott
Nightmare delivery

Horrendous problem with DPD, first would not let me request to deliver to my safe place at my address, to be honest I didn't think RHR where very helpful , didn't even try to resolve the matter.
Then after countless calls to DPD it was arranged to be delivered to my safe place at my address, well half of it was, the driver decided that because I was not in he would only deliver HALF the delivery and take the other half back to have it delivered the next day, even though he had delivered half of the delivery, you work that one out
Have to say though this is a very sturdy and well built cat tree, my 24lb Maine coone has plenty of space on all beds and the scratch posts are very sturdy.
So if you can be in for delivery you definitely won't be disappointed with this item

Dear Mr. Scott,

Sorry to hear that we've lacked on our end in communication.

It's sometimes really difficult for us to manage these things (when it goes wrong). When it does (go wrong) it can snowball quite fast and get out of control. Sorry for all the inconveniencies. We hope that we'll get another chance in the future.

Also with better help and care from our team! (lots of new people, lots of new issues and we're doing our best to train every last one of them!)

Our sincere apologies and warmest regards,
RHR Pets

Fiona Summers-Smith
good study cat tree good for ragdolls - I have two

strong cat tree and you can buy buy sisal replacements

Marianne Bruhin
Stabil kradsestolpe

En meget stabil kradsestolpe. Velegnet til større katte.

Jacob Bagge

Kradsetrae Kradsestolpe Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)

Rita Brunner

Klösträd Ragdoll Scratcher (Beige)

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